Under the Shieldshaped Mountain [Available online]
In: Journal of Visual and Media Anthropology, vol 1, no 1, 2015, Freie Universität Berlin
Editors: U. Frömming and S. Köhn
Editorial Board members: U. Frömming, S. Köhn, M. Terry, S. Schielke, R. Ragazzi
ISSN: 2366-4975

Comment on East Greenland Online: Media Commenting Systems as Spaces for Public Debate –
A Focus on East Greenland in the Greenlandic Media
In Digital Environments – Ethnographic Perspectives across Global Online and Offline spaces. 2017. Transcript Media Studies, Bielefeld.
Editors: Undine Frömming, Steffen Köhn, Samantha Fox and Mike Terry.
ISBN 978-3-8376-3497-6